Lift system for roller brake testers RT9001, RT9002

The pneumatic lift system raises the complete roller brake tester RT9001 or RT9002 with 10cm and makes it very easy to test multiple axles on a trailer or caravan.

Specifications lift:
Stroke: 10cm
Lifting capacity: 4000 kg
Operating pressure: 9 bar
Chassis: hot dip zinc

Lift system

RT9001-RT9002 roller brake tester

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- Cars
- Commercial vehicles
- Caravans & Trailers

Product Groups
- Combo testers
- Consoles for roller testers
- Pedal force meters
- Plate brake testers
- Play detectors
- Roller brake testers
- Roller tester add-ons
- Sideslip meters
- Suspension testers

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