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Roller brake testers (wide) RT9001 / RT9002

Single bed roller brake tester for passenger cars, vans and light commercial vehicles with an extra wide track of 2680mm due to the 900mm rollers. The PERFECT solution for testing wider vehicles, trailers and caravans.

Extra wide 900 mm rollers!

In addition to measure the brake forces per wheel and the difference between the left and right sides of an axle, the operator can determine the important quantities rolling resistance, actuation force, ovality (out-of-roundness) and brake fading for each wheel.

Special attention has been given to prevent damage to the tires. The rollers quickly stop when slippage occurs, even during the start-up of the motors. All roller brake testers are equipped with reliable worm gear motors.

The brake efficiencies (decelerations) of the vehicle are calculated automatically after manual vehicle weight input or by means of the (optional) weighing facility. These efficiencies can be compared with the legal requirements for the service- and parking brake.

  • High quality.
  • Reliable worm gear motors.
  • Hot dip zinc chassis.
  • Standard 4x4.
  • Wide rollers.
  • No damaged tires.
  • Extensive analysis.


Maximum axle load
3000 kg
Measuring range
6000 N
2 x 2,2 kW
Roller speed
2,5 km/h
Roller dimensions
900 x 206 mm
Maximum axle load
4000 kg
Measuring range
8000 N
2 x 5,5 kW
Roller speed
5 km/h
Roller dimensions
900 x 206 mm
All models
880-2680 mm
281 x 71 x 32 cm
Hot dip zinc
Power supply
3PH 400 V / 50 Hz



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